Brief History
of the APCCA


Chariot racing begin’s as an unorganized group. Typically two horses hooked to a pole, connected to a set of  rubber tires (bicycle like) with the driver sitting on a padded seat – these tipped easily. Memories of some of the first races included racing up a back alley, behind hotels, around a sawdust pile and back again.


Original membership fees were set at $10 each and associate members $2 each. In 1976 it was raised to $12, 1977 raised to $15 and associate $10. A lot of the original constitution was taken from the Saskatchewan club (which began two years earlier). In 1972, the basket type car was introduced. This type of cart with the wheels enclosed is still used today.

APCCA Beginning 

By 1964 a few brave souls started to race wagons. Some of the first races were held in Ohaton, Eckville, Okotoks, and Daysland. By 1966 a few various clubs formed throughout the province in areas such as Peace River County, Whitecourt, and Pincher Creek. On June 19, 1968 the Alberta Pony Chuckwagon and Chariot Association was registered with the societies act as a non profit organization.